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30 Seconds Junior Irish Edition
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30 Seconds Junior Irish Edition

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  • For 3 or more players
  • Game Time 30 - 40 minutes
  • Made in Ireland
  • Contents: 240 cards (2,400 words), a game board, a 30 second timer, a dice, 4 playing tokens and a set of rules
  • Batteries Not Required


Product Description

Junior 30 Seconds Game is the fast thinking and fast talking descriptive game. Junior 30 Seconds Game is ideal for use in primary schools as it's fun, easy to play and uses literacy skills in a subtle way. Up against a 30 second timer players take turns to describe in any order up to five words on a card with teammates trying to guess correctly. For example HOLIDAY, DANCE, TAYTO, OXYGEN & BACKSTROKE. So the fun starts when players describe and give hints to their team as fast as they can before the timer runs out.