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The outfit of 36 cm-tall Alexander seems to scream: “When I grow up, I want to be a musician!” The printed-on sheep has its headphones on and is dancing to the rhythm on its cloud surrounded by notes. The feet, arms and hat are also adorned with printed graphics of musical notes. Produced in easy fit style, the onesie can be put on and taken off easily even by the smallest of hands.
After a singsong, it’s off to bed. When you lay the little one on his back, he immediately closes his brown sleeping eyes and dreams about his musical career.
The little doll with a soft fabric body also comes with a bottle to encourage first role play.

  • Baby Annabell branded doll
  • The small “beginner’s version” (36 cm) features a soft doll body.
  • Clothing in easy fit style.
  • With sleeping eyes.
  • Gently encourages children from the age of one to engage in (role) play and provides initial stimuli for developing a sense of empathy and responsibility.

Baby Annabell Little Alexander 36cm with sleeping eyes, romper and hat. Including bottle.