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BABY Born Romper Pink 43cm
BABY Born Romper Pink 43cm
Baby Born

BABY Born Romper Pink 43cm

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Product Description

The way Benno the rabbit jumps around on his onesie, he must have gotten spring fever. It doesn't matter... The pink one-piece suit offers enough freedom of movement for wild hopping and pillow fights. Its fabric is nice and soft and invites you to cuddle. Cuffs, sleeves, body and feet are in different shades of pink that harmonize well with each other. Like a mixture of blackberry, strawberry and cherry ice cream.

  • High-quality clothing for the BABY born branded play doll.
  • For extended, varied and long-lasting fun.

BABY born romper pink 43cm including clothes hanger.

Doll not included

43 cm
3+ years