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There are several styles available within this assortment and unfortunately it is not possible to request which one you would prefer.


  • Contents: 1x Anti-Bacterial Doctor Slime Pet
  • Treat this adorable pet with slime
  • Use the decoder to diagnose your pet
  • Apply the pet-healing slime using the syringe
  • See your pet change colour as they get better!
  • Anti-bacterial slime kills 99% of germs on hands
  • 12 style to collect, each sold separately
  • Colours and styles may vary

Product Description

Look after a cute colour-change pet with Anti-Bacterial Doctor Slime Pets. The anti-bacterial slime really sanitises kids’ hands as they play, killing 99% of germs.

Use the decoder to reveal your pet’s ailments and fill out their medical card. Once your diagnosis is complete, it’s time to heal your Doctor Slime Pet. Fill the syringe with Doctor Slime’s special anti- bacterial slime, then squish the slime onto your pet. Watch your pet really change colour as the slimy treatment works!

Messy Sensory Play
Messy is fun! Sensory play with slime toys can promote fine motor skills, independent play, curiosity and concentration.