Fuzzy Felt Farm Animals
Fuzzy Felt Farm Animals
john adams

Fuzzy Felt Farm Animals

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  • 350 piece bumper set of felt pieces
  • Hours of fun to create many different pictures
  • Ideal for little ones
  • Age 3+
  • Fuzzy-Felt encourages co-ordination, story telling, colours and much more

Fuzzy-Felt has been a childhood favourite for many years, mix and match the felt pieces and create your very own picture that will cling like magic to the felt board and when you want to create something new just take them off and a new picture can be made. Fuzzy felt brings hours of fun and your imagination to life with every different picture you create.

Fuzzy-Felt is great for encouraging children's co-ordination, counting and story telling, ideal for play groups and little ones to learn all about the farm and the animals.

Bumper set of 350 pieces, 2 felt boards.

Age 3+