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  • Contents: 1 x Popsicle Vessel, 2 x Popsicle Stick Tools, 1 x Monji Figure in Water Wax, 2 x Shape Cutters & 1 x Collector’s Guide
  • Slice, grate and peel your way through the popsicle
  • 2 popsicle stick tools
  • Dig to find a cool Monji figure
  • Dunk Monji in icy water to reveal a cool colour change surprise
  • Colours and styles may vary

Product Description

Monji is the cutest little collectable monster around, but before you can meet this stylish little figure you need to get through some fun feels! Monji is hiding inside a popsicle! Slice, grate and peel your way through the smooth, cold, and wet popsicle for some spine-tingling ASMR experiences! Reveal a cool colour change surprise in the form of a cute little monster designer toy! Search for 28 cool styled Monjis this season. Look out for rare ones and special finishes! Which Monji will you reveal?