Jumbo Floor Jigsaw Puzzle (48pcs) - World Map
Puzzle Master

Jumbo Floor Jigsaw Puzzle (48pcs) - World Map

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Brought to us by the puzzle experts, Puzzle Master! This 48 Piece Jumbo Floor World Map is a great way for a child to learn about the world all the while having a lot of fun!

This 48 Piece Jumbo Floor World Map is a very exciting, fun, and challenging way for children to get a better understanding of the world. This is a 48-piece puzzle so it provides junior puzzle solvers with a challenge that is just so that it is not too frustrating. The image of the world here has a lot of charm to it. Not only will they be able to learn where different continents are, but they will also get to learn about the oceans too. Even more fun is that they can learn about animals that live in certain parts of the world ranging from alligators in the USA, pandas in China, and elephants in Africa! It is a fun way for them to get a bit better idea of the world!

Puzzle Master always ensures that their puzzles are made to the highest quality. They do this by using very strong carding and using ink that really makes their images pop. It is hard to find a puzzle that mixes fun and educational value that is better than this one right here.

  • Age: 3+.
  • Finished Dimensions: 92cm x 62cm.
  • Helps a child work on their hand-eye coordination.