Little Live Pets Gotta Go Turdle
Little Live Pets Gotta Go Turdle
Little Live Pets Gotta Go Turdle
Little Live Pets Gotta Go Turdle
Little Live Pets Gotta Go Turdle
Little Live Pets Gotta Go Turdle
Joe Whelans

Little Live Pets Gotta Go Turdle

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  • Contents: 1 x Sherlbert the Turdle, 1x Toilet, 1x Feeder Scoop, 1 xReusable Turdle.
  • His neck wiggles and wobbles as the food goes down… then listen and laugh as he sings his catchy ‘Uh Oh, Gotta Go!’ song…, you’ll be singing along!
  • This hilarious, interactive pet teaches nurturing play-patterns and ‘cause & effect’ in a fun way… from feeding to pooping, plus record and playback!
  • Watch in amazement as you clean up the ‘poop’, scoop and drain these magical granules as they instantly dry before your eyes back to 'turtle food'. Reuse again and again!
  • Dimensions: 18L x 9W x 33H cm
  • Batteries required 3 x LR44 Button cell (included)

Product Description

From beak to feet, Shelbert is the funniest & hippest Little Live Pets turtle! Feed Shelbert his favourite Magic Turtle Food, then watch his neck wiggle and wobble as he gobbles it down. But watch out! What goes in must come out! When Shelbert’s ‘gotta go’, he’ll let you know by singing his catchy "Uh Oh, Gotta Go!" song. You won’t be able to stop laughing & singing along. Place him on the toilet and watch him ‘poop’ into the bowl. Then scoop up the poop, feed him some more and watch him do it all again! He loves to repeat what you say too! Just record and listen as he repeats your funny phrases.

NOTE: 'Turtle food' is reusable. Simply drain and use again & again! Extra Turtle food can be ordered from Character Options Customer Services. If needed.’

Feed: Open Gotta Go Turdle's mouth. Use the scoop to pour the food down Sherlbert’s throat, then close his mouth! This is magical 'Turtle Food', designed only for Sherlbert! When he sings his catchy Gotta Go song, place Sherlbert on the toilet… he’s ‘gotta go’!

Gotta Go!: Once on the toilet, watch as he makes amazing ‘poops’ into the water. Remember, have your toilet ready with some clean water in! Remember to place Sherlbert’s toilet on a protected surface.

Feed Again: Over a sink or waterproof container, take off the toilet seat and pour the contents back into the scoop, so you can filter the water out. Shake the scoop gently, to help drain the excess water out. Watch in amazement as the ‘poop’ magically turns to Magic Turtle food granules again! The food will instantly dry!

Record & Talk Back: Talk to your Gotta Go Turdle and he’ll repeat what you say! Press the button, to hear your most recent recording again.

Sleep mode: When you leave Gotta Go Turdle alone, he’ll occasionally make tired noises and eventually sleep. You can wake him up by doing any of the following: Open then close his mouth, press the playback switch, place Shelrbert on the toilet or switch the ON/OFF button to ‘OFF’, then ‘ON’ again.

Little Live Pets Gotta Go Turdle includes everything you need to care for your interactive pet.