Magformers Amazing Transform Wheel 17 Piece Magnetic Set

Magformers Amazing Transform Wheel 17 Piece Magnetic Set

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  • Contents: 17 Piece Magformers Amazing Transform Wheel Set
  • Make 30 different magnetic models
  • 8 triangles, 6 squares and 1 rectangle
  • Double wheels and transforming wheels
  • Step-by-step model building guide
  • Creative and inspiring construction toy
  • Magnet toy for STEM play
  • Compatible with all other Magformers building toys

Product Description


Build cars, bikes, trucks and more with the Magformers Amazing Transform Wheels construction toy. This creative magnet toy comes with 15 magnetic Magformers for construction fun. Each geometric shape encases free-spinning magnets that never repel, so you’ll always hear the satisfying click as they latch together.

This amazing Magformers construction toy features adjustable in-line wheels and transforming wheels that fold to make robot arms. Switch up the wheel position for buggies, low-profile racers and monster trucks. Kids can make 2D and 3D geometric shapes too, developing spatial reasoning as they play.

Sensory Play
Magformers magnet toys create a visual and tactile sensory experience for children. Sensory toys like Magformers building toys can help build communication, fine motor skills and independent thinking.