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Here at Really RAD Robots, we build robots to suit your needs. These bots are not your usual box of nuts and bolts, they are packed with attitude and in your control. Really RAD Robots are programmed with personality and RAMMED full of fun, none of the boring bits included. Fartbro is the Interactive remote-controlled robot made for pranking! Team up with Fartbro and go on some sneaky 'Fart Blasting' missions! There are so many ways to launch a sneaky "Fart attack"! This fun filled robot is ready and loaded to explode out some gross farts and burps that can be let off via his remote control! With Fartbro you can become the ultimate 'Fart Blaster' Master!

This Robot is a real little mover! Drive Fartbro around using his really rad remote. Steer him forwards then turn to change direction for easy movement. Steer and control Fartbro at the touch of a button. And launch surprise fart and burp pranks with one simple press. Fart and burp on Command! There are so many features that make Fartbro perfectly programmed for pranking! Place him in 'Stealth Mode' and silently drive him into a room to find an unsuspecting victim. Then using the remote let him rip at the most inappropriate moment! AWKWARD! It is silent but deadly! Fartbro will fart at the tips of your fingers! Press Fartbro's head button for a fart! Featuring different fart sounds, the longer you hold down the button, the longer the fart! He also acts as the ultimate whoopee cushion! Leave him on an unsuspecting persons chair and watch the fun as they sit on him and he lets one rip! Friends and family will be totally embarrassed when it looks like they have farted!

Fartbro can become a ticking fart bomb! For some real suspense, set Fartbro's Time Bomb function and get ready for a countdown with an explosive fart finish! Fartbro is a fun filled robot with tons of personality! With over 40+ sounds and functions to let off he is a total fart blaster! He even has a Dance Mode where he will break out into some really rad dance moves! 

Fartbro is compact and portable so he can be taken anywhere so he is ready to perform pranks and tricks at any opportunity! The easy to use remote control will also help kids with their hand to eye coordination skills plus steering skills as they drive their robot friend around.

Age: 5+

Batteries: 6X AAA Batteries Not Included