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Take a turn to the vertical with a new twist on Screwball Scramble. Level Up sends your marble from the bottom to the top as you dodge and conquer a dozen new obtacles.

THE CLASSIC GAME WITH A NEW TWIST – All the fun of previous Screwball Scramble games, but this time it's vertical: make your marble climb up the maze from the bottom to the top.

BEAT GRAVITY, BEAT THE CLOCK – Using just three controls to operate over a dozen obstacles, inch your way up, but don't let the marble drop. You'll have to start over as time keeps ticking by.

A TEST OF HAND-EYE COORDINATION – Helping hone motor skills for younger players, adults too will love mastering the controls, guiding the marble patiently up the wall.

GO SOLO OR HEAD-TO-HEAD – You'll need skill and speed to set your best time, or beat others to the top. Fastest player wins.

SUITABILITY – For 1+ players aged 5 and over. No batteries required.