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  • Contents: 1 Washing Machine, 1 Drying Rack, Ready Made Clear Slime and Colourants
  • Smells amazing
  • Instant awesome slime
  • For a successful and mess free slime creation, the washing machine drums must be cleaned between each creation.
  • So many decorations
  • Slime gets softer the more you work with it
  • Top Tip: For a better result, divide 1 slime bag into 2 halves. Put 1 half aside, the other inside the washing machine. Stretch it on 2 opposite arms of the drum. Close the door. The door can be detached for safety reasons. Just plug it back in again.

Product Description

Make tie-dye slime to match your tie-dye clothes and keep the same vibes going. This awesome, first-of-its-kind slime comes ready- made for fun straight out of the pot! Add colours to create wavy patterns!

Please read the instruction manual before use.