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Experience The Traitors Board Game with family and friends! Inspired by your favourite elements of the hit TV show, Faithfuls and Traitor alike must go on missions to earn gold for the prize fund. The Traitor will play to earn the right to murder at night, and all the Faithfuls must try and banish at the Round Table.

The two players with the most gold will compete for the prize fund. Will they split the fund? Or try and take it for themselves? Get them before they get you!


  • Contents: 1x Round Table Game Board with Spinner, 32x Mission Cards, 11x Role Cars, 12x Reward Cards, 30x Golden Pieces, 15x Golden Bars, 48x Voting Cards, 6x Voting Card Stands & 6x Blindfolds
  • Dimensions: 6.3D x 27W x 27H cm
  • For 4 to 6 players
  • Inspired by the hit television show, The Traitors
  • Work together to complete missions & build your prize fund
  • Discover rewards & shields in the Armoury
  • Battle it out at the Round Table
  • Avoid being murdered by the Traitor by finding out who it is!