Vtech Smellephant
Vtech Smellephant
Joe Whelans

Vtech Smellephant

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Contents: Smellephant, 5 pieces of fruit and a quick start guide
Helps kids explore the five senses with five fruit play pieces!
Place a fruit piece on Elephant's magical trunk and she will identify it
Play peek-a-boo when she flaps her ears to cover her eyes!
Free Play mode lets kids explore colours, numbers and the five senses
Quiz mode encourages kids to use their five senses in a game
Music mode includes 12 sing-along songs and animal sound effects
Buttons on Elephant's feet add songs and animal sound effects
Dimensions: 25.4L x 19W x 27H cm
Batteries required: 4 x AA batteries (included for demo purposes only)

Product Description

Get your super senses ready to explore with the Vtech Smellephant! With its magical trunk and five fruit play pieces, Smellephant will teach children about using their five senses with engaging interactive play. Place a fruit piece on Smellephant’s trunk to discover its name! Smellephant’s ears will flap forward when trying to guess. Peek-a-boo!

Free Play mode lets children explore colours, numbers, sight, smell, hearing, taste and touch. In Quiz mode, Smellephant encourages children to use their senses. Learn more about fruit and elephants in Music mode with 12 sing-along songs. Feet buttons add songs and animal sound effects to the interactive play.