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One of the largest and heaviest tub tipping trailers on the market is the 3-axle tipper from the Belgian manufacturer Joskin.   Designed for heavy loads and transports under extreme conditions, such as civil engineering work or agricultural use in difficult terrain, these "monsters" hold up to 24 tons of payload or up to 29 cubic meters of cargo volume in the original.   The impressive BRUDER model was developed in analogy to the original "Trans-SPACE" series and, in line with our slogan ... "just like the real thing" ... has a foldable and lockable tipping skip with automatic tailgate opening.   The 3-axle chassis compensates for all uneven terrain.   This tipping trailer is ideal for the top professional tractors of the new generation,   which have been available since autumn 2004 and have already found many enthusiastic customers.   But the tractors of the Profi series and our Unimogs (using a coupling adapter) are also well suited as towing vehicles.